Key Creatives

Paul Zehrer

Paul Zehrer’s film and television career has earned him nominations for the Sundance Grand Jury Prize, an Independent Spirit Award, an Emmy Award and many other industry honors. Paul made his directorial debut with the feature film, “Blessing,” though his current work focuses on social and political advocacy in education — including films on Waldorf education around the world, SAT testing in America, and early childhood education in the Middle East.

Chikara Motomura

Chikara Motomura collaborated on 14 films with Rob Nilsson. He’s worked for Hawaiian and Japanese television and Link TV’s Peabody Award winning, Mosaic Intelligence Report. Recently he shot several award-winning films on Waldorf education and a feature on SAT testing in America due to be released in 2017.

Julie M. Jones
Executive Producer

Julie M. Jones worked in software and web design until 2006, and is now CEO of That’s a Wrap Events. Her daughter, Allison Jones, has a developmental disability. Julie’s awareness and experience with this population has led her to oversee annual fundraisers in the Bay Area for the past six years.

Nancy Dow Moody
Executive Producer

Nancy Dow Moody is President and CEO of Lifehouse, offering services to over 250 individuals with developmental disabilities in Marin and Sonoma, California. Nancy has 35 years experience developing new programs to meet community needs, affecting independent living, affordable housing, needs of teens, seniors and those with autism.

Eric Ivey

Eric Ivey has been working in video and film for the past five years. He wears many hats from production assistant, camera operator, editor, and producer. He has a passion for cinematic story telling, and considers himself lucky to call it his work.

Holly Alexander
Social Media Community Manager

Holly Alexander founded TopSpin Communications, a boutique social media marketing agency, to focus on small to mid-sized corporations, public figures and, in particular, nonprofit organizations. Based on that experience in 2015 she launched Eventoozi to specifically help charities promote their message at no cost through an online hub designed to make fundraisers more successful.